Our goals, as the engineering consultant company that has been founded more than one decade, would be among of the top ten consulting companies in Iran and increase the export of technical and engineering services. In the international point of view, Faam Zir Sakht Company would be active at the attraction of fundraising and production and development of technology and knowledgebase industries with the participation of domestic and foreign investors. The 500 million people around of Iran is the target market in the first step and existence in the other countries, especially in the developed countries, is the second ones.

Faam Zirsakht Consultant Company

The Faam Zir Sakht Company, as the influential group, attempt to play an important and effective role in the guilds and syndicate activities to comply the laws and regulations of the employer and engineering fields in order to develop the comprehensive engineering in Iran. By attending to approximately 40 positions at the some societies, the associations and the some international chamber of commerce and also the presence in more than dozens workgroup with the public sector,

Faam Faam

Faam Zirsakht has been tried to have some contribution to improve the environments of the domestic and foreign business. It can be a step in the development and increasing the standard relations of Iran with all countries in the international party. Based on its goals which are the creating employment, synergistic, and cooperation with the researchers, experts, young and talent engineers with the intention of development and promotion of Iran, Faam Zirsakht intend to create the connection between engineering and economy and establish the special and young workgroup. In addition, it can be have an important role in the study, design, research, supervision and implementation of different projects in the engineering, economics parts and national development by receiving advisory opinions from elders and people with experience. Hence, it is completely welcomed to work with the engineers, managers, and job seekers together.